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What Wat is What?

Unfortunately due to time constraints and slow internet connections, I have lef the publishing of my photos of the temples (Wat) too late for remember what the names were, what they looked like, and how to distinguish between them. Added to this, I have stupidly filed the itinerary of the first tour under section B (ie the bin), so it can not give me any clues as to where I went. The pictures where I am sure what they are I have put on this website. The rest I will show friends and family at home as "another priddy picture".

As well as visiting umpteen temples in my first few days here, I also went to a gem factory & shop. There I watched a 15 minute docu-ad (if this term does not exist, it certainly does now) about how the gems are found, mined/collected and then turned into the wonderful jewelry that happens to be sat in glass cases round the corner,waiting to be purchased. It was there that I decided that if I was ever to get engaged, and if I have the choice, I would prefer a PINK sapphire and diamond ring, opposed to the traditional blue (to go with the Korean wedding dress and proposal in Italy...a girl is allowed to dream!).

At one of the temples I had a spooky encounter with a fortune-teller, who used Thai numerology, Chinese astrology and palm-reading to outline my personality, describe my past, and predict my future. I simply wrote down my name, date and time of birth, then sat in complete silence as he did his stuff. I am keeping to myself (and a few chosen people) what he said, but I will say that I took everything he said with a pinch of salt until he told me (not suggested to me) that I am a teacher in an Asian country, now and in the near future, at which point I decided to sit up and pay attention. Before I approached his table, I was stood with the lady who was obviously my tour guide and a couple of middle-aged women, one of which could easily pass as my mother. Thinking back to what he saw of me and anything I could have said within earshot before I approached his desk, he had no reason to suspect that I am teacher in an Asian country. Of course, there are many Westerners my age in Thailand and Asia who are teaching English, but they rarely book themselves on a tour in the country they are living. So how did he know? Overall, the description of my past and my personality was detailed and accurate, with only one mistake....apparently I drink and smoke too much which will affect my health around age 29....but I rarely do either.