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Adventure Bound

I have been in Bangkok, Thailand's capital city since Tuesday night. Today is my first day of the 18 day tour, and I will be meeting everyone for the first time tonight, at the hotel. So far I have taken around 100 photographs of Bangkok alone, but I have no time to put them on here. The weather has been generally wet and miserable, with tuk-tuk drivers offering me 50 Baht ride (70p) for a 10 minute walk back to my hotel, knowing that I would be grateful for the shelter from the rain. However, I ignore the pestering, lies, and cajooling, and so far have walked everywhere....I feel relatively comfortable in Central Bangkok compared with the cities of the Philippines.

I have visited around 5 temples, toured on the river, been to the Bangkok National Museum and explored the grounds of the Grand Palace. The food here is delicious...spicy with the familiar lemon-corriander tang that I have experienced back in the UK. I have shocked a few Thai's by choosing ONLY the spicy dishes from the menu....if I am here inThailand I should at least try the food!!!

Tomorrow I will embark an overnight train north to Chang-mi...from now on the next 18 days are in the hands of my tour guide.


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